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Calcification challenge
Limescale ( or Calsium Scale ) is a hard chalky deposit, consisting mainly of calcium carbonate.
You will see limescale in obvious places around your home and may spend some time cleaning and removing it on a regular basis.

Calcification can cause esthetic challenges but also far more serious  operational challenges with critical equipment. Such operational challenges may cause significant operational  financial losses because of damaged heaters, energy loss, over heating,  clogged piping and damage to electrical equipment.

Limescale in areas of the home that you cannot see.
- Heating system pipes.
- Radiators.
- Water pipes.
- Large appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher.
- The heat exchanger in your boiler.
Washing machine w/limescale
Visible limescale build up
- Kettles
- Showerheads
- Shower screens
- Kitchen and bathroom tiles
- Taps
- Coffee machines
Prevention of Limescale
HydroFLOW units utilise a unique technology to transmit an electric field into the pipe and the water inside. This technology works on all types of pipe material without the need for any cutting or plumbing, making it ideal for retrofit.

HydroFLOW units transmit an electric field into the piping network and the water itself. This causes the mineral ions to form clusters which act as a starting point for the crystals, so that when water is heated, the limescale forms as fine powder in suspension, which can then be washed away by the flow.e entire system.
Over time, filters become clogged and require cleaning via back-washing. This leads to a waste of water, energy, and money. HydroFLOW can help reduce this waste via flocculation.
HydroFLOW units electrically charge particles as they pass through the unit. Turbulence (often provided by a pump) mixes up the water so that these particles come into contact and stick together, forming flocks.

These flocks sit on the surface of the filter, so they are easier to remove and the amount of water used in backwashing can be reduced. Flocculation also allows the filter to remove finer particles and thus improve the water clarity.

Hydropath@. provides the ultimate in water care technology to
global business, industry and consumers.
Hydropath@. provides the ultimate in water care technology to
global business, industry and consumers.
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